Sydney's Soulful  World

Sydney represents the child in all of us. Her heart looks for every loving compassionate energy she can find.  She is a student of truth looking for serenity and unity.  The first step in her truth seeking adventures is through the gates of the garden of gratitude.  Because we know that ALL good things start in gratitude.

From there she may venture to Walden’s Pondering Pond where a wise turtle provides clarity. 


Sydney and her nervous dog Max may end up in the Field of Forgiveness.  The flowers are vivid and bright when you forgive and become droopy and grey if your heart carries resentment. 


There is healthy advice from Dr. Zephyr, a gorgeous mountain bluebird who resides in the WellNest Clinic.  


Daily yoga classes are taught by a group of limber critters at Camp Kindness. 


Spending time meditating under the Tranquil Tree happens often throughout the day.   


On a trip up to the top of Mindful Mountain Sydney and Max might find a snowy owl with amazing perspective. 


Civil Sophie is a butterfly who runs a charm school for suggestions on how to be polite, kind, generous and well….civil!   


When Sydney is ready to dance and sing she takes the stage at the Sunflower Café.  Even Max knows music is good even for a canine soul! 


Class is always in session at Diversity University where unity and respect are evident.  


Sydney and Max are careful to avoid Belly Acres Farm where the critters at Camp Chaos are constantly alarmed and drama abounds!

Sydney’s Soulful Life is YOUR soulful adventure.


Join her and her friends as they explore

love, acceptance and forgiveness.


It’s all inside of you.

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The Soulful Forest is inside YOU!


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