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Because you care, and because YOU make a POWERFUL difference in the lives of grieving children we present:

The Healing chickadee and the Tweet Hearts!

 a very unique grief program for children. 

You provide an adorable plush chickadee and children access an animated eutopia with videos, music and activities.

  By placing the Plush Chickadee in the hands of families that have lost a loved one,

you are giving children adorable loving comfort at the time they need it most.

By Allowing The Healing Chickadee to fly into the lives of the community you serve,  you will build loyalty. 

The visual appeal of the chickadee and her tweet hearts will work as a marketing tool as well.

This is how it works!

  • You will receive 10 plush chickadees in their own carrying case.

  • Attache your card to the gift tag provided.

  • Once home  children will log into an animated eutopia filled with videos, music and activities.

  • They will always remember your kindness!

The family will always remember  it's from YOUR  heart to their child.

A sample of one of the many videos a child will receive


(203) 521 6860


Available in the following neighborhoods: EVERY WHERE!

The Soulful Forest is inside YOU!

Help a family in need

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