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The Soulful Forest is inside YOU!


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Eleven year old, Mariam Azeez
writes her first book!
(With a little help from two grandmothers)
Soulful Sydney Explores Diversity is the first
in a series of children's books. 
Soulful Sydney is committed to creating a culture of kindness and inclusion.

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inclusion Revolution!


My name is Sydney and I'm inviting you to my adventure!  Behind my house is an entire forest for us to explore together.  It's filled with critters and creatures, kids and maybe a little chaos.  We can figure out ways to get to the peace and serenity through mindful moments and access the abundant joy that is available for us everyday.  

Leave the world behind and find your own Soulful Forest.  It's in YOUR back yard too!

ABOUT Me and MY New Book!

We have to be careful not to wander into Belly Acres Farm

where camp chaos has everyone alarmed!

Join Sydney on her search for Truth!


Every story starts by entering the Gates

of the gratitude garden.

Because we know that ALL good things start in gratitude!


How can we, in this crazy world, teach children to be kind?

How can we gently guide them to seek their peace of mind?


How can we help them understand the differences in others?

How can they begin to accept we are all sisters and brothers?


Follow Soulful Sydney as she meets  the girl next door

And together they set out to wander and explore.


What they find is just beyond the Gratitude Garden gate.

Come along and join the fun--new adventures here await.